The Second (Almost) Annual UnEVENTful Challenge


I hadn’t planned on doing a second post today, but it’s turning into a day of seconds.

Earlier, in the SL Blogger Support group chat in world, we got into a spirited discussion about “the old days,” back before shopping events became the way to shop. About the competition to find the latest, best, newest releases and the race to be the first to blog them. About grid-hopping parties, where someone would take the lead and mass TP a group of followers all around the grid. Yes, those good old days…

During the course of the conversation, I mentioned that a while ago (unbelievably to me, over two years ago!) I posted a challenge I called The Uneventful Challenge. In this challenge, you are not allowed to wear/show anything that has been purchased at an event. Before I could blink, I was being asked to revive the challenge. With input from this enthusiastic group, I am tweaking the rules from the original, and I have created a Flickr Group for everyone to add their photos.

And now, on with the rules…

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