About That Wiener…

1 Why I Had The Wiener

I was asked if it measured up. Let’s just say it was more than a mouthful!

1 Why I Had The Wiener 2

I had a lot of fun with this pose set from Sparrowtree Studios Designs. It includes the grill with three poses (plus /1a adjust – yay!), the mesh apron for ladies or a tee shirt for men, the spatula and of course…the wiener!

Now if you will excuse me…I have a date with a sausage I need to get ready for 😉

What’s your Digits? – Take 3: Proportions Challenge (Size DOES Matter!)

From my blog stats page - filtered by Avatar Blogger Month!
From my blog stats page – filtered by Avatar Blogger Month!

Today’s post is all about size…or numbers, anyway. First, I am proud to announce that this is my 30th post for Avatar Blogger Month. And I have the proof! Yes, I know, the print is tiny in the screen shot, but tiny is a size, too 😉 You can click the image if you want to see a larger version – or you can just trust me. And no, this doesn’t mean I’ll be taking the rest of the month off. I’ve hit the goal, but I plan to super-size!

But enough about my blog numbers – let’s talk about my digits. Berry’s meme challenge this week is about our avatar proportions. She has done this challenge twice before, but I wasn’t blogging then so this is my first unveiling of just what makes Peep’s body Peep’s. No, it doesn’t include all of the digits; just some of the basics, mainly the ones that are used to conform to mesh standard sizing. Berry has recently had a crisis concerning her inability to errr…wipe her butt…so she’s made some changes to her proportions. And of course, she had to share!

Here are this week’s instructions:

Meme instructions: Share your avatar’s digits (if you want to, not necessary) and then copy paste the following questions and answers into your post, remove my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post and if you decide to share your numbers, the flickr group for the Digits challenge is here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/digits

Why yes, that IS a wiener in my hand ;)
Why yes, that IS a wiener in my hand 😉

Here are my digits:

Height – 70 (6’8″ using the Avatar Ruler)*
Body Fat: 7
Head size: 50
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 50
Arm length: 97
Hand size: 30
Torso length: 55
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 1
Leg Muscle: 45
Leg length: 63
Hip width: 62
Butt Size: 43
Saddle Bags: 33

*I realised after I took my measurements and the photo I was wearing my SLink feet. If I take them off, my height is actually 6’7″. That is still considered exceptionally tall by the ruler’s judgment, but I am now shorter than (or about the same height) as most of my female friends.

And my answers to Berry’s questions:

1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? (see Berry’s post for the picture) – About three years ago, a friend of mine devised a method of helping people adjust their avatar proportions to the Golden Ratio. I kept the shape she helped me create until the advent of mesh and standard sizing. When I made adjustments to accommodate a standard size small, I tried to tweak the rest of my settings to maintain this shape. However, I have changed my backside a bit – I preferred a slightly hippier version of myself. I do think I’m pretty close to the correct proportions, but even if I’m not, I’m happy with the shape I now have. I also adjust my arm length and hand size, according to whether or not I’m wearing my SLink hands. They do seem to shorten my arms and make my hands smaller, so I go with 83 for arm length and 20 for hand size if I’m not wearing them.

2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? – The hands and feet were an issue for me, too, until I started wearing mesh appendages. The only other things that really bothers me now are calves and elbows, particularly when using poses instead of moving naturally. Those body parts should NOT have pointy edges!

3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? – I’m not really bothered by whatever shape an avatar takes. That’s up to them to decide how they want to look. I do admit to a bit of a shudder when I see hugely oversize breasts, but that is most likely due to flashbacks over my early experience with wearing prim breasts! And I sometimes look at someone who seems to be out of proportion and stare until I figure out just what makes them look disproportionate. It’s not an aversion; it’s just curiosity. I’m just glad people can’t tell when I’m perving them 😉

4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? – No, not at all. The beauty of Second Life is that you can be whatever shape you choose. I know a lot of people worried when standard sizing for mesh hit the grid that we would all end up looking like cookie-cutter avatars. That’s really not the case. Because only certain sliders need to be adjusted for a mesh shape, you can still be totally unique.

And in case you’re wondering about the wiener in my photo, I figured since I had the ruler out, I’d see if it measured up 😉

Basic credits:
Bikini by *Boom* (available at Summerfest ’13)
Hair by Tram
Earrings by Maxi Gossamer
Hands and feet by SLink

Pose by Glitterati and wiener from Sparrowtree Studios Poses

On Milestones, Monsters & Marshmallow Cream

The Cake Stage and Roy's Water Slide
The Cake Stage and Roy’s Water Slide

After getting over my wobbly about not being able to get into SL10B early, I finally made it there yesterday. I admit that I am often overwhelmed by these types of events and therefore, rarely attend. Even with my trusty mini-map open, I still managed to get lost, wandered in circles and didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked. But I did make it there, as I promised myself I would. Ten years is a milestone I didn’t want to miss.

My starting point was the Single Frame Stories exhibit in the Wondrous sim. It plopped me into the middle of the simple but beautiful maze Whiskey Monday has created to display the photos from Single Frame Stories. And though it has transparent walls, I, with my unerring sense of getting lost direction, circled around the same parts several times 😀 I think I managed to see it all, and took photos of my entries, along with some of my favourites (but not all, by far). Sadly, even though the event wasn’t as crowded as I feared it would be, I still had trouble with rezzing and shooting photos on my highest graphics settings. I have done nothing to these but crop my original shots. You can click the thumbnails to view the larger photos.

I strolled around a bit, but with graphics issues, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. However, I did wait for this magnificent monster to rez so I could capture his gleaming smile. Just as I was ready to snap the picture, a woman emerged on his head. Fay Wray she’s not, but she added an interesting highlight to the photograph.

Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!

The photo at the top of my post is of the Cake Stage. Yes, it looks like a tree, but there is a cake buried within the branches. Sadly, with my rezzing issues, the huge piles of marshmallow cream around the base didn’t show up properly. Trust me, though, they are there. I know because as I ventured over and entered the stage area, I fell through and landed in the heaping dollops of goo. At least it was a soft landing!

(Ok, it’s probably whipped cream I fell into; I just liked the alliteration for the title of my post 😉 )

The purple spiral in the foreground of that photo is actually a giant water slide built by my good friend, Roy Lavecchia. I didn’t venture down its tubular spirals, but perhaps I should have – my frock could have used a washing after my perilous fall into the fluff!

While the events for SL10B ended yesterday, you still have a week to visit the celebration. Check out the exhibits, play on the water slide, and treasure the moments of Second Life’s past as you look to the future.