Double Date

1 Double Date sm

If you have been struggling to find that special someone to accompany you to the beach – you know, to rub sunscreen on your back, brush the sand off your tush – fear not; you can find the perfect date (or two) at Summerfest ’16! Hey, they will even work as a life raft in case you get a cramp while swimming!

Katat0nik Pidgeon is one of the more creative designers in Second Life, and she hasn’t disappointed at this year’s Summerfest. This event always has some very playful items, but these Pool Toys from *katat0nik* are definitely going to be a hit! There are three different versions (sorry, but clowns freak me out, so I couldn’t bring myself to include him), and you get both a male and female version, plus large and small pool toys. Yes, that’s right…POOL toys. Got it??

Intrigue Co. is also another creative designer, and you can find a variety of kitschy goodies at Summerfest, including this fruitilicious necklace. Perhaps you’ll prefer a flamingo or umbrella hat or a bum bag, but hey – they’ve got you covered!

After the cut there is a closeup of the necklace, plus I’ll fill you in on my tat and the sand that my boyfriends haven’t bothered to dust off of me yet!

Oh yeah, and my boobs. There’s a closeup of my boobs :O

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