Why Buy The Cao…

1 Being Cao_006

I have a friend who is a Cao. She is a beautiful, smart, funny (retired) model who makes me laugh and cry when I read her blog. From her antics with Spanx to the tales of her Jack Russell Terrorist and her Date Night escapades to her touching, insightful posts about life, love and death, her blog is one I never miss.

As I mentioned, she is a retired model, so her unique shape is sacrosanct. She created it to achieve a look that set her apart in the Second Life fashion world. Couture is not my forte, so while I am unschooled in Second Life modeling practices, I have no doubt it is similar to the stories we hear about RL fashionistas: fiercely competitive with some models doing anything to get ahead. From what I have read in Cao’s blog, there are many models who are friends and friendly with one another – even helpful – but there also those who, sadly, try to sabotage others.

During Hair Fair, Cao – who has been personally touched by the loss to cancer of someone she loved – offered up her shape to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to Wigs For Kids. During the auction, someone in the modeling community threatened to steal and sell her shape. This upset her on more than one level – yes, her shape certainly assisted her in her modeling career and to see it hawked on Marketplace for sale to anyone with a few Lindens was distressing, but more so it was the fact that this person would potentially take away bidders for her shape and real dollars for this wonderful charity. So she changed the rules – anyone who bid at least 1000L (her original opening bid) would receive a copy of her shape AND she would contribute an additional 10,000L of her own to this cause. And she ended up contributing 56,502L to Wigs For Kids through this unselfish exercise.

Can you see why I love this little Cao? And why I “bought the Cao”?

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