Sweet Dreams When You Get There

It’s New Year’s Eve in my part of the world already. Whether you stay in and celebrate quietly or go out and bring in 2018 with a wild party, sweet dreams when you get there.

Tomorrow’s a big, new day.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Dress: Salt & Pepper S&P Aya Lara by xxSaltandPepperxx (available at Japonica through January 14)
Necklaces: *AvaWay* ROXY_ Necklace by Avaway
Hair: {Limerence} Corinne hair by Kirusik (available at Kinky Event through January 19)
Mesh head: .LeLutka.Head.May 3.0 by JadenArt
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
Mesh head applier: Revoul Lefort.Saje Lelutka Applier in Tone 3 by HighCache (available at Shiny Shabby through January 15
Mesh body applier: Lefort by Revoul :: 2017 Body Appliers in Tone 03
Eyes applier: Avi-Glam AG. Vivid Eyes – Lelutka Applier – Daylight by Kendra Parfort

Sofa: Culprit Bohemia Daybed by eku Zhong
Pose: Imitation – Amber 5 M by Euphorisme

Stolen Stars From The Sky

1 Celestial 1

He must have stolen some stars from the sky,
And gave them to you to wear in your eyes.
I had my chances, but I set you free.
And now I wonder why I couldn’t see.
~ From “You Look So Good In Love” by George Strait

Oh, what a beautiful song…it’s about love and loss and memories. It is sad and wistful with a touch of regret. It is proof that you don’t need a pickup truck or Mama or an ole yeller dog to write a perfect country song.

I was reminded of this tune when I saw the latest creation from Cheeky Pea for Uber. As with everything Isla Gealach creates, the textures are amazing the detail is incredible. I actually got goose bumps reading the little quotes on the stars and moons decorating the canopy. And with all twelve zodiac signs available as a wall-hanging, you can chart your stars to suit any horoscope.

You can share it with your sweetheart or curl up and reminisce about stolen stars from the sky.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Bed: Cheeky Pea :CP: Stardreamer Hanging Bed by Isla Gealach (available at Uber from January 25-February 23 2015)
*Rugs: Cheeky Pea :CP: Stardreamer Rugs by Isla Gealach (available at Uber from January 25-February 23 2015)
*Wall hangings: Cheeky Pea :CP: Zodiac Art – Capricorn & :CP: Zodiac Art – Virgo by Isla Gealach (available at Uber from January 25-February 23 2015)
Terrariums: Kalopsia – Terrarium Pot (Tall) & (Short) by Isabeau Baragula
Kitty: (fashionably dead) (fd) Cat – 12 Curious by Toast Bard (gacha prize)
Desk: floorplan. office desk PG / light by Tegan Serin
Chairs: Culprit Beloved Chair 1 & 2 by eku Zhong
Photo frames: {what next) Pop-Shot Photo Frame 1 & 2 by Winter Thorn
Build: L2 Studio Dove Bay House by Lindini2 Lane

Advice For Second Life Newbies Challenge: Common Sense

1 Advice to Noobies Meme

I’m taking a break from my alphabetical obsession to do another one – Berry’s Monday Meme. I have been trying desperately to keep ahead on photos for the Inventory Alphabet challenge and stopped to set up for a picture to go with this post that wouldn’t take away from my A-B-C’s. I’m already being spelling-challenged, having ended up somehow with two H’s and two I’s, with one of the I’s working for P which I have already shot. It just seemed simpler to take an all new photo so I don’t accidentally end up getting even more letters out of order!

Miss Berry has asked us this week to give advice to new SLifers. I really had to stop and think about this. The suggestions she gave are very good and rather comprehensive. So I took up a thoughtful pose, put on my thinking boots and I will do my best not to repeat her words of wisdom.

Here’s what she has asked us to do:

Meme Instructions: List 5 pieces of advice you would give to a newcomer that has just joined Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or advice in the comments (in this post).

1. Take some time to learn to navigate. Having worked in clubs almost as long as I have been in SL, I have to say that one of the most annoying things a newbie can do is walk onto a crowded dance floor and start knocking people around. I don’t think most people do this on purpose; I think it is mainly because they haven’t gotten the hang of how to move around. When you land on the Island, navigate around, walking, running and flying. Learn where your controls are and how to use them. Then, when you get out into the wide world, try to find an unpopulated area to practice movement. You WILL bump into people from time to time; we all still do occasionally. But if it happens, apologise and move away as smoothly and quickly as possible.

2. Fill out your profile. At first, you probably won’t have a photograph to include, unless you have imported something, but take a few minutes to type a bit about yourself on the Second Life tab of your profile. You will probably change it within a few weeks or even days of landing, but it gives people an idea of your interests. It also will prevent people from assuming you are a bot or a griefer. And that leads me to my next bit of advice…

3. Read people’s profiles. You can pick up a lot of tips from reading profiles. If you see someone whose style you admire, check their groups and picks. Often you can find the names of stores from this resource and even a ride to their shop. It also helps to know a little bit about a person before you start a conversation with them. Don’t flirt with someone who is partnered or states in their profile that they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can also get an idea of places to go and things to do. It’s like a mini tour map for you!

4. If you are in a club, don’t go on stage with the DJ/host/dancers! I really don’t know what it is about a stage in a club that is a magnet for newbies. At one club where I worked it was so common that we were provided with a gesture that said “Stage is for staff only!” in about seven languages. This didn’t just happen with griefers or troublemakers; I often had a side bet with my DJ or host on how long it would take before we had company on stage when a newbie entered the club.

5. Use common sense. If you are unsure of how to behave…ask. If you are given tips on how to act, where to shop or what venue to visit…listen. If you are offered an inventory item by someone you don’t know…be wary. There are a lot of helpful people in Second Life, but there are also quite a lot of people who want to either embarrass you by giving you a giant humping bunny cleverly named “A Rose For You” or worse – a griefing device. And there are those who will take advantage of you. So use common sense. If it sounds suspicious, it probably is.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Maybe I should add a sixth: READ BLOGS! Otherwise, how are we going to get this info out there where it can do some good?

I’ll be heading back into my jumble of an alphabet now…I have no idea what the H I’m going to use tomorrow!

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Sweater/Top: AMITOMO.off shoulder turtleneck + cardigans 1-1 by woomi Latte (available at The Chapter Four April 2014)
Shorts: S@BBiA::Short pants (5 color change) by Jury Gothly (available at Japan Fair 2014)
Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Yellow Patent by Onyx LeShelle
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Andrea Mesh Hair – Cinnamon by MissAllSunday Lemon
Skin: [PXL] Creations [PXL] JADE NAT PetalPink MEB C2 by Hart Larsson
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hand appliers:[PXL] Creations – [ PXL ] Slink Hand Appliers NAT by Hart Larsson
Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes – Ocean Blue by Carina Larsen
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Desk: floorplan. office desk PG / light by Tegan Sara
Stool: .:Standby Inc. – Akira Chair by StandbyInc
Typewriter: floorplan. typewriter gacha / floral RARE by Tegan Sara
Blogger sign: {what next} Bloggers Memo Board by FrankLee Anstra
Print on desk: {what next} Blog Desk Print by FrankLee Anatra
Diary/pen: {what next} Blogger’s Book & Pen Decor by FrankLee Anatra
Chair: Culprit Beloved Chair 2 by eku Zhong
Build: *Funky*Junk* Ariel by Ulaa Coronet

Pose: oOo Studio Poses – oOo brevity_five by Oleanka Chesnokov