Hanging Out My Shingle

This will be a short post, but a lot of work went behind it!

1 Pics by Peep Showroom_007

I’ve officially set up shop in Second Life with a showroom on the Dolce Vita sim. It’s in a pretty shopping district set up around Intimate Moments Ballroom. I spent the weekend setting up the displays, creating an information giver and it even has a bell you can press to IM me 🙂 Special thanks to my friend, Romeo, who helped line up my displays (since I’m building-challenged, to say the least!)

To get to Pics by Peep, click on the link and from the landing point walk down the left side toward the ballroom and I’m about halfway down. Look for my sign and stop in to check out some of my work!

1 Pics by Peep Sign1