Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

This is my first attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge. I thought this would be an easy one, but was I wrong! Choosing a photo of a kiss proved to be more difficult than I had imagined.

I didn’t want to share a “typical” kiss. I wanted to show a moment of closeness and intimacy that a kiss promises. The thrill and flutter, the delectable shivers one feels when lips touch flesh. A private moment that makes the world go away.

1 Kiss wm

Oh, when you kiss me
I know you miss me
and when you’re with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me
That you adore me
Oh, when you kiss me

~ From When You Kiss Me by Shania Twain

Intimate Moments

Intimate Moments is not just the name of the ballroom on the sim where my showroom is located, it’s also those photos of couples who want to show their love for one another. I was honestly surprised when the first three “official” couples I did shoots for requested nudes.

I’m not a prude; but I wanted the photos to be erotic – not pornographic. I wanted to show the love and commitment between the pair without showing all of the “bits.” I had to find the right poses, settings and lighting to allow them to “speak to me” so I could produce the types of photographs that created a mood of intimacy between two people in love.

For Tylar and Kaos, I chose a setting with sunlight streaming through the windows, and processed this photo to give it a shadowy, ethereal mood. Their faces aren’t the focal point, but I can sense their feelings for one another in this photo.

1 Ty & K_050 b

Hope and Shane’s photos were probably the most challenging for me because their skin tones are so different. I knew right away which setting and poses I wanted to use, but the lighting was especially important for balance. But again, the processing is what allowed me to capture the glow of their new love.

1 Hope & Shane_077

My most recent couples shoot was of Country and Weather. I don’t know them as well as the other two couples, but I had them show me their home to get a feel for who they are. These two are different from the others in that they are a couple in real life, as well as Second Life. I wanted to give them a setting that was a bit exotic and with a mysterious feel.

1 Country & Weather5 base

Being allowed to capture these intimate moments shows a trust in me that I cherish. These six people allowed me to photograph moments normally only shared in private. To be allowed into their lives in this fashion gives me an opportunity to show the world a glimpse of their love.

Thank you, Tylar & K, Hopers & Shane and Country & Weather for letting me express for you what is in your hearts for one another.

Hanging Out My Shingle

This will be a short post, but a lot of work went behind it!

1 Pics by Peep Showroom_007

I’ve officially set up shop in Second Life with a showroom on the Dolce Vita sim. It’s in a pretty shopping district set up around Intimate Moments Ballroom. I spent the weekend setting up the displays, creating an information giver and it even has a bell you can press to IM me 🙂 Special thanks to my friend, Romeo, who helped line up my displays (since I’m building-challenged, to say the least!)

To get to Pics by Peep, click on the link and from the landing point walk down the left side toward the ballroom and I’m about halfway down. Look for my sign and stop in to check out some of my work!

1 Pics by Peep Sign1