More Shabby Shininess

1 Spargel & Shine Annie 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I have more to show you from my visit to The Collage. I know, I know, I’ve been showing enough beds lately to open my own hotel, but I just couldn’t resist this one from Spargel & Shine! It, along with the matching dresser just had my Shabby Chic senses tingling with delight.

You see, both the bed and the dresser come “naked.” But with a click of a few buttons on their menus you can dress them up in all sorts of ways. The bed can be unmade (just the mattress showing) or you can have the patchwork quilt messy (including a messy version for sleeping under), or you can have it made – with or without the tea service tray showing. There are several options to choose from and I had fun playing with it for various looks. Important note: make sure the bed is Unmade before moving it; I made the mistake of rearranging the furniture with the quilt and blankets on display and they didn’t quite move along with the bed, even in edit mode. I was able to remedy this by rezzing a new copy, so no harm was done.

The dresser gives you the same type of fun choices. It comes bare, but you can choose to have the stool visible as it is in my photo or tucked neatly in the knee-hole. You also have your choice of how much stuff you want displayed on top – nothing, flowers only, flowers and lacy throw, with or without the vanity set or like I chose, with everything!

The painting above the bed by Dreamscapes Art Gallery and the trunk next to the bed by Thaino Designs also came from The Collage. That pretty much wraps up my display of treasures from this event. Everything else in the photo comes from Thaino Designs.

Sighs…no, the draw was too strong. I visited the Thaino Designs Mainstore. But it’s not just a mainstore; it is a series of Thaihiti Baroque’s houses all decorated with her home and garden wares. I wandered from house to house, picking up a few little trinkets that I just had to have and maybe…just maybe…I bought a new house. It might even be sitting empty on the homestead waiting to be decorated. I might even blog it once it is all shabbily prettied up 😉

Ergh…the rug isn’t centred under the bed. I didn’t notice it until I was processing the photo. It’s enough that it’s driving me crazy – please don’t hate on me!

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Bed: Spargel & Shine Annie Antique Pearl Brass Bed by Tess Spargel (available at The Collage)
Dresser: Spargel & ShineAnnie Oak Dresser by Tess Spargel (available at The Collage)
Picture above bed: Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Victorian Valentines* D – Framed Picture by Carlotta Ceawlin (available at The Collage)
Rug: Thaino Designs Shabby Square rug 2 by Thaihiti Baroque
Trunk: Thaino Designs Clara chill box with anim menu by Thaihiti Baroque (available at The Collage)
Flowers (right of bed): Thaino Designs summerhouse flowers 1 by Thaihiti Baroque
Flowers (left of bed): Thaino Designs Driftwood shore flowers 1 by Thaihiti Baroque
Vase in corner: Thaino Designs TD vase of sticks (mesh) green light by Thaihiti Baroque
Picture collection on wall: Thaino Designs Isobel frames (mesh) by Thaihiti Baroque
Shelf/frame: Thaino Designs Phoebe french oak wood shelf by Thaihiti Baroque (you can add your own photo to the frame on this shelf, but I liked the print that comes displayed)
Pictures on floor: Thaino Designs Dixie love heart pictures by Thaihiti Baroque
Candles on divider: Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Heart* Candle Plate C and *Heart* Candle Plate B by Carlotta Ceawlin (available at The Collage)