Second Life Helpful Tools Meme: Gadgets & Stuff

1 Helpful Tools Meme - Interface 1

Oh hai there! I’ve not completed either of Berry’s memes since she came back from her holiday break. Naughty, lazy, lost all of my practical joke photos when my external drive crashed – take your pick for my reason(s) why. But since I was in SL when Berry posted her latest AND I was taking photos already, I decided to hop on right now before I get out of the habit completely.

This week she has asked us to share our viewer interface and any HUDs we use. In her words:

Meme Instruction: Share a screenshot of your viewer setup and/or a list of tools/HUDS you guys use to make your Second Life experiences better. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post with a link so we can all come and stalk you. If you share a screenshot, feel free to share them in the Blog Memes flickr group.

I am using two photographs – one to show my viewer interface (above) and a separate one to show my HUDs. I did this so that the screen is less cluttered. Also, when shooting photos that show the interface and/or HUDs, the shots default to a low resolution setting. I decided just to use the raw shots, rather than going to the trouble of prettying them up. So this is exactly what came out of the can!

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