Wild Roses In The Snow


[ keke ] has released several flowers over the past few months, but these wild roses are by far my favourites. From the variety (nine different stems/groups in each pack) to the painstaking detail to the sheer beauty, they are simply exquisite. There are four colour groups – blush, purple, white and pink – but the pink is definitely my first choice. Depending on the light, they are either a subtle pink or a much deeper colour – in fact, almost red.

You can find these lovely roses at Lost & Found through October 1st.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly for Lost & Found (through October 1st)
[ keke ] wild roses – pink 1
[ keke ] wild roses – pink 5
[ keke ] wild roses – pink 9
[ keke ] wild roses – blush 1
[ keke ] wild roses – white 7
[ keke ] wild roses – purple 4

Doves: {anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [ham-pink] by aki69

Abandon Hope

1 Abandon Hope sm

Kean Kelly of [ keke ] created something a little bit different for this month’s round of Lost & Found. Her collection of “abandoned art” statues in black and white are definitely out of her wheel house, but are stunning and amazingly detailed as always.

Yes, I did say black and white. The dark version is apparent in my photo, but what I love is how the light plays with each statue, especially the white ones. There are five different versions of each colour, although I am only showing two in this photo.

Abandon hope…you’ll want them all.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Statues (available at Lost & Found June 22 – July 1):
[ keke ] abandoned art – speak – white
[ keke ] abandoned art – feel – black

Tea With Lemon

1 Tea With Lemon sm

Lemon? Sugar? Mint? However you prefer your tea, I’ve got it covered! Even if you choose to ruin your tea with cream, it’s all here!

[ keke ] is releasing the “Hard to find 2” set for the upcoming round of Lost & Found. It is a follow up to the original full dining set, which she released last year. The items you see here, plus stacks of cups, plates and bowls, are a perfect accompaniment for this set, or work great as stand-alone props. The gold colour you see in my image is from the lighting I chose; they are pristine white or pale mint in reality, so they will go with any decor.

Lost & Found starts May 22nd and only runs for two weeks, so be sure to mark your calendar; you don’t want your tea to go cold.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Plant: [ keke ] potted mint 1 by Kean Kelly (available at Lost & Found beginning May 22nd)
*Teacup: [ keke ] hard to find cup 1 – mint by Kean Kelly (available at Lost & Found beginning May 22nd)
*Sugar & creamer: [ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar by Kean Kelly (available at Lost & Found beginning May 22nd)
*Bowl: [ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons by Kean Kelly (available at Lost & Found beginning May 22nd)
*Table: [ keke ] gas table by Kean Kelly (available at Lost & Found beginning May 22nd)
Hanging plate: *LODE* Decor – Muskare Wall Plate 1 by Chirzaka Vlodovic (available at Shiny Shabby through June 15th)