Will The Real Sas(s)y Pants Please Stand Up?

Yesterday when I logged into Second Life and found the adorable crew top and joggers pants from neve, I pretty much squealed all girly-like. Not only are they impeccably made (I swear, I can feel the softness of the fabric and nod my head at how the folds and wrinkles are just perfectly natural), I am a sucker for yellow and pink. Although the pants come in solid colours as well, I just adore the label down the leg.

And, of course, when I put on this pair, I had to IM Sasy Scarborough to show them off. She turned up her virtual nose in mock disdain, at which I scoffed; we all know she is the original Sasy Pants; it says so right there on her blog!

While I couldn’t convince her to pull on her own pair, she decided, instead, to photobomb me. Funny story, that…

The plan was, when I was ready, I would have her come over and physically photobomb my picture. However, the SL gods had other plans in store for me. When I tried to put on shoes, my foot position wouldn’t change. Then I took off my outfit to try another colour and the alphas on my mesh body got stuck. So, I relogged. When I came back in, I was an orange cloud. And I wasn’t rezzing. I tried the trick of TP’ing, and boom! Disconnected from Second Life. I managed to get back in, and I was still a cloud. So, I tried the other trick of changing into a saved outfit that consists of totally different EVERYTHING I was wearing, including my mesh body and head, all alphas and even my brow base. It worked….sorta. I could now see myself and I was wearing the totally different outfit – on top of the original one. I tried removing the original outfit by its folder, and nope. Not happening. So I relogged again. Same result. I took off the second body/outfit/stuff and finally, I was visible again. I even managed to get dressed back into my glorious sassy pants outfit and tried putting together my set. And of course, nothing would rez. Or if it did, it would move around on my platform spontaneously. All the while I am carrying on an conversation via IM with my sis, Rwah, because of course, I can’t TP to her place to see what she was working on. Just one of those typical days in Second Life.

By this time, a couple of hours (or so) had gone by. I decided to give up for the day and IM’d Sasy to apologise. But being the most efficient stalker photobomber on the grid, she had prepped a photo of herself…already cut out (!) and passed it over to me.

So today, I finally got a chance to get back into a normal SL and do my shoot. Because I’m not great at adding stuff into my pics in Photoshop, I plopped Sasy on a prim and stuck her in the window and finally….I finished.

I had to laugh when I finished. When I am doing H&G credits, I delete items as I credit them so that I don’t forget anything (and also end up with a tidy platform). After I was done, I cammed out and there was Sasy, peering over my shoulder. I literally jumped in my chair and then giggled like a little kid. Who would be scared by the Sas(s)iest Pantsed girl in the world?

(Sasy, if you see this and you have credits available, I would LOVE to know what you’re wearing, you sassy, sexy little stalker, you! And thank you for your patience, your awesome PS skills AND just being generically amazing ♥)

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Top: neve top – crew Lara by coldLogic (available at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Pants: neve pant – joggers Lara by coldLogic (available at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
Shoes: .Mutresse. Gugutka Boots for Maitreya Lara (flat feet) by Eeky Cioc (available at Collabor88 January 2018)
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Ann by Morphine Janick
*Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx Leshelle
*Mesh head applier: [ session ] Phoebe Tone02 (Catwa applier) by Anj4 (available at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
Mesh body applier: [ session ] Maitreya Body Applier Tone02 v2.3
.:JUMO:. Britani Eyebrows – CATWA Heads by JumoFashion

*Mat: Yoga Mat Mandala (Adult) CHEZ MOI by Nanda Marjeta (available at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Incense holder: Lily Pad Incense Holder CHEZ MOI by Nanda Marjeta (available at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Game: Yokai – Playtime – Handheld game console 1 RARE by Olikato (gacha prize at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Drink bottle: Yokai – Playtime – Energy drink (mint) by Olikato (gacha prize at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Tamagotchi: Yokai – Playtime – Tamagotchi rainbow bear (pink) by Olikato (gacha prize at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30) *NOTE: all items from Yokai are wearables; creative license used in making two of them display items.
*Blocks: Raindale – Dreamsleigh blocks – let’s play by KeiraLans (gacha prize at The Liaison Collaborative January 7-30)
*Table: Kuro – William side table by Luana Dawg (available at District 20 through January 19)
*Cupcakes: Kuro – Theresa breakfast *cupcakes* by Luana Dawg (available at SaNaRae through January 18)
*Lemon tree: Kuro – Theresa breakfast *lemon tree* by Luana Dawg (available at SaNaRae through January 18)
Lamp: Soy. Stainedglass Table Lamp [Pink] by Soyoy (available at Collabor88 January 2018)
Chair: (Milk Motion) velvet armchair – bloom pink by Marie Lauridsen (available at Collabor88 January 2018)
Papers: *paper moon* *pm* Creator Burnout – Overdrive Gacha Inspo Pile by sohma Dix (gacha prize at The Gacha Guardians January 2018)
Coffee cup: *paper moon* *pm* Creator Burnout – Not Yet Burnt Out Cup (Dots) by sohma Dix (gacha prize at The Gacha Guardians January 2018)
Sitting cat: darkendStare. cocoa kitties [chibi] drinking by itsinthestairs (gacha prize at The Gacha Guardians January 2018)
Standing cat: darkendStare. cocoa kitties [grey] spill by itsinthestairs (gacha prize at The Gacha Guardians January 2018)
Flowers: -Garden- by anc “poppy”{soft pink} field 1prim by aki69 (available at Collabor88 January 2018)
Boshes: Studio Skye Alligator Apple Bush by Alex Bader
Trees: Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 by Alex Bader
Build: Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage by Charlotte Bartlett (available at Collabor88 January 2018)

*Pose: CORPUS – Ballet 01 by Diconay Boa

Role Model

1 Role Model

I don’t quite have the stance down pat, but I’m working on it! As a role model for posture, Miss Dress Form is perfection.

I mentioned a couple of days ago I seem to be carrying a mannequin theme lately. It honestly hasn’t been a considered idea; it has just happened. I love pulling items out of my inventory, scattering them, taking some back, moving others around, digging for another gem or two. Or six. Or eighteen.

I have several dress forms in my treasure trove (surprise, surprise!), but this one from Apple Fall has to be my favourite. It actually reminded me a bit of the frock I’m wearing from Apple May Designs. The dress comes in four colours, with the pink I am wearing on sale for 50L for a limited time at the main store. What a bargain!

I spent two hours setting up this room for a client shoot. She was a no-show. So instead of getting upset, I decided to use it myself.

How’s that for being a role model for fashion, economics and resourcefulness all in one post? 😉

*Dress: Apple May Designs Diamond Dress (S) – Pink by Apple May
Shoes: Essenz – Cape Town (Cream) by Senzati0n Domenitzo (available at Shiny Shabby May 2015)
Hair: [Entwined] Electra by Vivienmarli (available at Shiny Shabby May 2015)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Amberly II skin – America 05 D by aida Ewing
Body, hands and feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V1.0 by Onyx LeShelle
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Maldives by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Dress form: Apple Fall AF Dress Form w/ Dress by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Dresser: 4. Apple Fall Blanket Curio by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Plant: 4. Apple Fall AF Reaching Plant by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Picture on dresser: Trompe Loeil – Recycled Wood Photo Frame by Cory Edo
Bed: Vagabond – Julie’s Bed by Shawneese Offcourse (available at Collabor88 May 2015)
Rug: Glam Affair – Andy Rug 02 by Aida Ewing (gacha prize)
Books & papers: Zigana Product Box by Nalena Fairey
Bench: Apple Fall Neva’s Sideboard by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Open book: Apple Fall AF Sketchbook by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Knicknacks on bench: -tres blah- -tb- Fairy Whispers and Daisies by Julliette Westerburg (gacha prize)
Lamp: Apple Fall AF Dolly Lamp by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Dollhouse: Apple Fall AF Victoria’s Dollshouse by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Firewood: Apple Fall AF Woodstock by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Persian Rug: Little House of Curios – Faded Persian Rug by Lindsay Pinelli
Leaning painting: Apple Fall AF New Arrival Painting by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Armoire: Apple Fall AF Victoria’s Armoire by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Lillies: Apple Fall AF Calla Lilies by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Side table: Spargel & Shine Antique Bath Table Rose by Tess Spargel
Square photo: Zaara [home] : 19 Vintage frame *square* by Zaara Kohime (gacha prize)
Oval photo: Zaara [home] : 15 Vintage frame *oval* by Zaara Kohime (gacha prize)
Tall photo: Zaara [home] : 16 Vintage frame *tall* by Zaara Kohime (gacha prize)
Horizontal photo: Zaara [home] : 18 Vintage frame *horizontal* by Zaara Kohime (gacha prize)
Shelf: Apple Fall AF Frame Shelf by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Light branch: [ keke ] twinkling lights log – snow wood by Kean Kelly
Painting: Apple Fall AF Gilt Frame (Portrait) by Warehousefifteendesigns (gacha prize)
Build: (Milk Motion) flat in Montmartre – all white by Marie Lauridsen

Pose: !bang – stand 485M by Luna Jubilee

Photo taken using the LumiPro HUD by Stefan Buscaylet

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge: It’s Been A While…

1 Second Life Yearbook Challenge

Strawberry Singh has made my smile today – literally and virtually! She has brought back her Monday Memes after a much-too-long hiatus. And wouldn’t you know she would pick a topic that makes me shudder on more than one level: she wants to see us smile…in a yearbook picture. Gah! I find smiles in Second Life to be truly cringe-worthy. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a single one that I don’t want to run screaming from. Sorry to those of you who like to show your pearlies on a regular basis; I’m sure you look lovely in your toothsomeness…to you. And that’s what matters.

However, once I changed my shape back to my normal neutral expression, I really didn’t mind the teeth…that much. They are well-done and simple to edit. I will have to play around with the different alpha layers to come up with a look that is less goofy, yet shows off my chicklets a bit.

The other shivery moment came when I thought about how long it’s been since I had my last yearbook picture taken. It was mumbly-mumble years ago; that’s all you need to know 😉 That also explains why my photo is a bit dingy and dog-eared. I blame you, Berry, for the sneezing fit I had from digging through boxes to find it!

I did go with the traditional blue background of school portraits in my time. I found a texture on deviantart.com by firesign24-7 and used that as my backdrop. My smile is courtesy of the [PXL] Creations OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 by Hart Larsson, and I edited my mouth and eyes a bit to come up with this frightening adorable grin. Add in a few effects from Photoshop and picmonkey.com, and there you have it. Probably the last time you’ll see my avatar smile.

If you want to play along, here are the instructions:

Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments (of this post) and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the Blog Memes flickr group if you like.

I just realised this is my 500th post. If I ever had a reason to smile, that is one of them. I never thought I would get this far! 🙂

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Sweater: (Milk Motion) pin up angora sweater – S – pink by Marie Lauridsen
Earrings: (Yummy) Pearl Studs – Pearl by Polyester Partridge (available at Uber Jan. 2015)
Hair: *ARGRACE* SAE – Ginger by rika Oyen
Teeth: [PXL] Creations OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 by Hart Larsson
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V1.0 by Onyx LeShelle
Skin: -Glam Affair – Amberly II skin – America 13 C by aida Ewing (available at Kustom9 until Jan. 14, 2015)
Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ]_Glass Eye_Blue3_w1 by Sopha Portal (available at Kustom9 until Jan. 14, 2015)
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Pose: fri.day Poses fri. – careless.pose 2 by Darling Monday

Backdrop: Blue Grunge Texture by firesign24-7