Bali reBourne

Bali External 1

It’s been a hectic day. I woke up to a failed external hard drive – the one I store my music for DJing on – and I had a set to do tonight. As I was frantically trying to find some music so I didn’t have to give up my slot, I checked my email and found an offline message asking me if I would like to review the newest realease from reBourne. I immediately began salivating – I have long been a huge fan of Danny Bourne’s work and I was going to do this, come hell or broken hard drive!

After securing a new drive, transferring what music I had on my desktop computer and loading my SAM, I headed in world with a couple of hours to spare before I had to DJ. I tp’d directly to the model of Bali. Before the skybox even rezzed fully, I was gasping in awe. You see, I fell in love with Danny’s The Dome last year at the Home & Garden Expo and I honestly didn’t think he could top it. I actually made more than one visit to see it, dragging along a builder friend at one point to “ooh” and “ahh” over that scrumptious abode. Sadly, it wasn’t within my prim budget and I had to pass it up. But I knew one day I wanted to own a reBourne home.

Once the house rezzed completely (and rather quickly) I began taking in the details. The shimmering pool, the tranquility of the setting, the Balinese influence on the more modern interpretation – I just allowed myself the luxury of camming around the house, getting a feel for it. And then I started noticing the details. The perfection of the mosaic tiles lining the pool, the magnificent texturing of the rocks and stones, the hard lines of the roof softened by the shingles and canopies. Everywhere I looked, there was something else to make my breath catch in my throat. I was totally enchanted.

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