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Bali External 1

It’s been a hectic day. I woke up to a failed external hard drive – the one I store my music for DJing on – and I had a set to do tonight. As I was frantically trying to find some music so I didn’t have to give up my slot, I checked my email and found an offline message asking me if I would like to review the newest realease from reBourne. I immediately began salivating – I have long been a huge fan of Danny Bourne’s work and I was going to do this, come hell or broken hard drive!

After securing a new drive, transferring what music I had on my desktop computer and loading my SAM, I headed in world with a couple of hours to spare before I had to DJ. I tp’d directly to the model of Bali. Before the skybox even rezzed fully, I was gasping in awe. You see, I fell in love with Danny’s The Dome last year at the Home & Garden Expo and I honestly didn’t think he could top it. I actually made more than one visit to see it, dragging along a builder friend at one point to “ooh” and “ahh” over that scrumptious abode. Sadly, it wasn’t within my prim budget and I had to pass it up. But I knew one day I wanted to own a reBourne home.

Once the house rezzed completely (and rather quickly) I began taking in the details. The shimmering pool, the tranquility of the setting, the Balinese influence on the more modern interpretation – I just allowed myself the luxury of camming around the house, getting a feel for it. And then I started noticing the details. The perfection of the mosaic tiles lining the pool, the magnificent texturing of the rocks and stones, the hard lines of the roof softened by the shingles and canopies. Everywhere I looked, there was something else to make my breath catch in my throat. I was totally enchanted.

1 Bali Curving Stairs

The entry is this glorious curving staircase leading to the dining area. The superb textures make you feel as if you are treading on worn but cared-for wood – a theme that is carried out throughout the home. The dining area placed on the verandah will allow you to feel the evening breeze as you and several friends chat and laugh over a bottle of wine and dinner of Babi guling and steamed rice.

1 Bali Dining

Again, it is the detail that allows you to imagine that scene. From the table and chairs to the wooden blocks forming the wall, you can feel the Balinese influence.

Behind the dining area is one of the showpieces of the house – the bathroom.

1 Bali Bath

The total luxury of this room just can’t be described in a simple blog post. It is a room that has to be experienced. From the marble bath to the warm tones of the wood, the steam rising from the open shower and the perfect, white fluffy towel beside the sink, it borders on decadence. Along with the vaulted ceiling and the soft lighting you feel as if nothing could make this room any better – until you examine the fireplace that spans one entire wall.

1 Bali Fireplace

Note how the art highlights the warm tones carried throughout the house, how the texturing of the trunk serving as a candleholder blends with the stone of the fireplace. This is the perfect place to curl up with your sweetheart and whisper your secrets as you cuddle and kiss.

From either the bath or an alcove off the dining area, you access the bedroom. I wandered back through the house to that entryway and again was stopped in my tracks by the loving detail Danny Bourne has built into this home.

1 Bali Bedroom

I wish I had taken more photos of these rooms. I believe this is my favourite part of the house. I could see myself curled up in a rattan chair in a corner, perusing one of the books that lines the shelves that form the windows into the bedroom. The doors make a pleasing creaking sound when opened and close softly but firmly once you have passed through. The bed is simple in design with the gauzy curtains blending with the bamboo frame. It is sparsely furnished, but it feels just right. The lighting over the bed gives a warm glow to the room, again inviting you to snuggle with your loved one.

Off the bedroom and alcove is a large open sitting area. I had just wandered out and settled on the sofa when a visitor appeared right in front of me.

1 Bali Danny Arrives

Yes, it was the man himself, Danny Bourne! I admit to a bit of a flutter, hoping I wouldn’t be taken for an intruder and booted out. But I said hello and Danny and I struck up a conversation. He even apologised in case he messed up my photo when he rezzed in! As if! I was too star-struck to move, but I did manage to snap a few shots, including this lovely view of the outdoor seating area.

Danny told me he was there to finalise a few details and package the home for the launch, but he was gracious enough to sit down (in a less girly pose 😉 ) and chat with me. I was thrilled to have the opportunity and while I won’t post the entire conversation, Danny said a few things that I wanted to share:

[00:34] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): I won’t keep you, but I wondered, how long does it take you to do a build like this? I’m lucky to rez a box
[00:35] Danny Bourne: this took three months, sadly
[00:35] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): wow…well, the time you put into it shows
[00:36] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): I was kind of composing (my blog) in my head as I’ve been wandering around. The thing that I know will be repeated is detail, detail, detail
[00:36] Danny Bourne: It wasn’t planned to take this long but I got more and more ideas once I got started. I wanted every section of the house to be worth staying at. As in view, detail, animations
[00:36] Danny Bourne: I started over with the floors three times, because I wasn’t happy
[00:37] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): lol nothing wrong with being a perfectionist
[00:37] Danny Bourne: also I converted to avisitter animation menus, and did a lot of shopping for new animations. ( I still had the old menu with the poseballs), wich cost me alot of time. that was also very time consuming
[00:38] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): but worth it, in my opinion
[00:38] Danny Bourne: I think the difference is in the detail yes. Everybody can slap together some prims and call it a house. but to make it that way youcan actually “feel ” it,, and experience it as a place where you really want to be.. that’s a whole different story

Danny also showed me the scene changer for the skybox surround – he was still working on selecting the final scenes as we chatted.

I think this part of the conversation shocked me the most:

[00:56] Danny Bourne: I actually started this house as a Tiki house, but I failed, once again
[00:57] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): trust me, this is no failure
[00:57] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): and I think it will be more suited to most people than a traditional tiki house
[00:57] Danny Bourne: yes, I hope so. I just fail in creating the obvious
[00:58] Danny Bourne: I know people would love a cottage.. but it’s just not in me 😦
[00:58] Þєєþ Ðαгкшαгđ (peep.sideshow): But that’s what makes it special, Danny. It isn’t obvious. It follows the general style of a tiki house, but it’s more modern…yet it’s still very warm and romantic

1 Bali Chatting With Danny

Our chat lasted only a few minutes, but in that time I discovered that there are traits that are common among all artists – the desire to create perfection yet never having the satisfaction of realising it. At least not to yourself. To others though, that perfection can be found in the beauty of a Balinese-inspired home.

Bali will be released to the public at 11AM SLT on Friday, August 2nd. For the first 24 48 hours, the house, in four different versions, will be available at half-price. You can visit the display home here.

Here are some of the details from the release notes:

* Skybox ( Furnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Skybox ( Unurnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Ground ( Furnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Ground ( Unurnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer

* Furniture – Individual furniture pieces are set for sale in the Bali demo. Furniture is copy/(partial) mod (some contain no mod scripts ). The bed is No copy.

Price: 13,999 furnished, 8,999 unfurnished
(The price for the furnished version has been listed as 13,999 from one source and 14,999 in another, so please check before purchasing)

Footprint: Skybox 64mx64m
Ground 50mx50m

Land impact TBA once the build is finalised.

Animations are everywhere in the furniture and fittings (if you choose the furnished versions or purchase the furniture separately). This is a mainly mesh home with some sculpts.

Do yourself a favour. Whether you are in the market for this type of a home or not, stop by. Take it in. And feel yourself transported to the mystical land of Bali.

*Note: This is the first time I have been asked to review a product and I will be receiving a copy of this home for blogging it. However, in my haste to get to the model I only skimmed over the notes and didn’t realise I would be receiving this beautiful house until after I had taken the photos. My review would have been the same, even without the gift of this masterpiece. Thank you, Danny, for creating it and PB for giving me this opportunity 🙂

12 thoughts on “Bali reBourne

  1. purplebutterflylykin August 2, 2013 / 11:52 pm

    There is something just so special about this house. I think you captured the right word Peep, “enchanting”.

    • PeepSideshow Darkward August 2, 2013 / 11:57 pm

      Everything he as done is special. But this was obviously created with love. And it shows 🙂

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to preview it ❤

  2. spunknbrains August 3, 2013 / 1:02 am

    Great description Peep, and gives you a little nudge and giggle to wake you up from that star-struck look.

      • spunknbrains August 3, 2013 / 8:08 am

        Looks like a drool to me!

      • spunknbrains August 3, 2013 / 8:16 am

        Sends you a tissue box seeing that you need it. 😛

  3. Rwah August 5, 2013 / 5:46 pm

    This house is haunting me. It is stunning and I am so so tempted. Do you have a spare room? *hugs*

    • PeepSideshow Darkward August 5, 2013 / 6:49 pm

      lol there’s more than room for one in that bathroom! It’s amazing!

      Missed you, Rwah ❤

      • Rwah August 5, 2013 / 10:05 pm

        It is absolutely stunning! I am sorry for being such a bad friend and absent friend for most. I had to re organize a few things, specially in rl lol but i am now back on my blog with a new look and pictures lol.

        And if im not im hiding in your house lol ❤ hugs

      • PeepSideshow Darkward August 5, 2013 / 10:58 pm

        Don’t apologise. Friends don’t stop being friends if one is away for a while. They just pick up where they left off upon their return 🙂

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