I Raise My Glass


Second Life is a great place to learn that nothing is permanent. People change partners so fast sometimes it makes my head spin. I’ve lived in the same location for almost a year, but in that time, I’ve had more neighbours than I can count – some only staying a month or less. The staff at the club where I work seems to be on fast forward – often I don’t have a chance to meet a new host or DJ before they’re gone. And shops move location constantly…and quite often, close.

So I guess it shouldn’t have been a shock to me that one of my favourite clothing stores was going out of business. Drinkinstein Sorbet, the owner and creator at The Sea Hole announced last month that she was closing the doors of The Sea Hole. I didn’t see this notice until after she hadn’t appeared at Collabor88 in May and I wondered at that time if she was just taking a break or if this was a sign that she would be closing. You see, she was also the mastermind behind what has become my favourite shopping event – Collabor88. While it will continue, I will be disappointed that she won’t be contributing any longer. My hope is that she will come back from time to time to with some of her amazing work for this event.

I really should have done this post before the store closed on May 31st. I went to the shop for the second time on the last day and bought everything I had wanted in the past, but couldn’t afford at the time. My all-time favourite design is her Romance top, shown above. I now proudly own it in all six colours, along with so many of her kitschier offerings.

I doubt you’ll see this post, Drink, but my wish for you is that you are off doing whatever it is that makes you happy. And I raise my glass to you.

Well, Happy Poo! The Arcade Gacha Got Me!

1 Arcade_009

One of the most anticipated shopping events in Second Life is The Arcade Gacha festival. It’s held quarterly, and the hype builds as sneak previews of items start appearing in SL blog feeds. It boasts some of the most creative designers and builders in Second Life and it can take days of frustrating attempts just to get in. But thousands keep trying until they are finally able to rez in and spend their hard-earned (or purchased) Lindens on what is basically, a crap shoot!

For those unfamiliar with a Gacha machine, it’s a scripted object that is loaded with a variety of prizes that you pay to receive a random item. There are often Rare items mixed in with the Commons, tempting one to keep spending money until the sought-after prize is won. There is no guarantee that you won’t receive duplicates, nor is there a promise that, even if you spend all of your cash, you will receive the item you desire. Prices at The Arcade range from 25L to 100L – so keeping an eye on your bank balance is imperative when you are in a full-on, fever-pitched frenzy to obtain that cherished prize!

Fortunately, Gacha prizes are transferable, so if you win items you don’t want or multiples of the same one, you can give them away, trade them or even sell them at one of the many Arcade Yard Sales now springing up around the grid.

I actually made it into The Arcade tonight on my third attempt. I crashed twice while I was there, but was fortunate to be able to log back in to my former location in both instances. Had I been locked out, I think I would have cried. There were so many fun and whimsical items that I wanted!

I was extremely fortunate this time to win several Rares. Some I was excited about, others I was happy to receive, but they were won on a first attempt and I would have been pleased with any of the items available. But I DID win the one prize that I set out to win, no matter the cost – and it wasn’t even a Rare! (And yes, it DID cost…I won’t say how many attempts I made to win this prized item, but it was more than one…maybe even more than five…or six…or… 😉 )

That item: The Happy Poo Skirt from Sea Hole. Drinkinstein Sorbet, a talented designer I have purchased from frequently, rose above all others, in my estimation, with this silly, fun little skirt. The fact that it is well-made is just icing on the cake – or flies on the poo, if you will 😀 . I laughed out loud when I saw the display for the first time, and I was giggling as I shot these photos. For this one item I braved the lag, the boots, the re-rezzing when returning to the event, and the anxiety as I watched my Lindens float away in that frustrating machine…

These are NOT fashion shots. They’re not even GOOD shots. But I wanted to showcase just a few of my favourite wins from this tantalizingly addictive event 🙂

1 Arcade_023

1 Arcade_024

The Arcade Gacha Items:

The Sea Hole – (Happy Poo Mesh Skirt)
Gizza – (Epaulette – Brown)
Fanatik – (Logo Bracelet – Sexy)
Glam Affair – (Slice of Paradise Antlers – Tan)
Nardcotix – (Puss Pillows Huggable – White)
Zigana – (Gypsy Caravan – Supergirl RARE)
Conspiracy Theory – (Animal Slippers – Teddy Bear)
BCC – (i do cloak hood – Red RARE)