Berrywinter’s Monday Meme “Hope”: Bending Over Backwards

1 Crystal Tears Merged S

It is a horrible feeling. When you have bent over backwards, cried until the tears seem to have forged a permanent track down your face and still you keep getting hit by heartache and disaster. When you dread getting up in the morning, filled with fear of what calamity you may face today. It is a point in your life when you wonder if there is ever going to be a ray of sunshine amidst the clouds that seem to perpetually hang over your head.

And yet, each day you do get up, you do face the challenge and you do go on. There is only one reason we find that strength, and that is through Hope.

I took this photograph yesterday, planning to use it in my blog, but not sure what I would write about. However, our dear friend Berry, who normally sets our Monday Meme has had a very painful experience. She didn’t feel up to posting a Meme topic herself this week, so her dear friend, Winter Jefferson, did it for her. The photo seemed to be fitting.

This challenge is, in his words:

Take a few moments on your blogs or chosen social media to tell us about a time you faced your own personal nadir. When were you at your lowest point? How did you pull through and triumph to become the dazzling specimen of humanity you are today? When you reached out… who was there to help you back up again?

What gave you hope?

Please, share your stories with Berry and the community – link them in the comments below (of this post) when you are done. Words, pictures, even interpretive dance. Let’s see what we’ve all gotten through, and maybe we can celebrate that the person on the feeds next to you is stronger than you ever imagined.

As Winter says, this is very personal. It is a meme that I could have easily skipped, if I had let my own fear stand in the way. You see, I have skipped a few memes when I found them “too hard.” They have usually involved interviewing someone, and that meant that I had to ask someone for help. I’m not good at that; and it is a trait that has nearly left me helpless – and hopeless – on more than one occasion. But this time, I am going to share – to try to give back a bit to Miss Berry, who has been such a positive influence on me, and so many others in Second Life. So she can see that there is hope, despite the feeling that it has somehow disappeared.

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