Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text – There’s More Than One Side To A Story

I actually started this post last night, and then ran out of time. When I saw the Weekly Writing Challenge, I decided it was the perfect reason to complete it!

Not for the first time, I found myself taking an old photograph and reworking it. Sometimes it’s an old favourite I want to experiment with. Other times it’s just for the sake of honing a new technique. And sometimes it’s to tell a different story with a single image.

This photo has gotten a LOT of mileage. It’s a very basic photo, so it’s easy to work with. This is the raw image. I actually shot this against a yellow, sunshiny background, but with changes to my lighting settings, I ended up with a black background.

Peep in sunlight_037

My first instinct was to create a head shot from this photograph. So I cropped it closely and allowed my expression to tell the story. I appear wistful, perhaps thoughtful in this image.

1 His Sunshine 1

When I started experimenting with overlays, this image immediately came to mind. The solid black background was perfect for adding a texture to tell a different story. One that shows me gazing into a window – perhaps wishing for a place like this to call my own.

1 Peep in sunlight_037

Three stories told by the same photograph. Where the story begins, where it was headed and where it is now.

But there are always new interpretations of any tale.

To be continued…


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