The Sound of Maddness

Yes, I know “Maddness” is misspelled in the title. But that’s because my sister, Maddie, spells it that way as her tagline when she DJ’s. That’s just one thing that sets Maddie apart, makes her special and so very amazing. She curses like a longshoreman, she’s a staunch animal rights advocate (particularly for pitbulls), and she’s fiercely protective of her family and friends. She is vocal when she believes in a cause, but she’s respectful of other people’s opinions. That is, unless she’s dealing with a dipshidiot (her word of the day 😉 )

Maddie and I have taken a LOT of photographs together – of the two of us when we were working or playing, for holidays, with our family, or just for fun. But recently, after deciding to go back to DJing in Second Life, she asked me to update her profile and DJ pictures. She wanted to include the Parental Advisory – quite appropriate for her! But I also wanted to show Maddie as I know her…bright, beautiful and bold.

1 DJ Maddie_098

I also wanted to depict Maddie emerging from the clouds of a recent break up, finding herself again in her music and redefining her life. I think this is my favourite of all of the photos I did.

1 DJ Maddie_063

But there’s also the softer side of Maddie. The one who nurtures her family and loves all animals (spiders and gigantic moths excluded). The girl who dresses casually, yet always manages to be feminine. The sister who has been my confidante and always brightens my day.

1 DJ Maddie_059 Grumper1

(I must give credit on this photo to my boyfriend. I had shown him two previous versions and he suggested I combine the two. It wasn’t something I had done before, but it was exactly what the photo needed. And he, Maddie and I all loved the result 🙂 ).

Maddison Haven Serrta – my *$@# Maddi(e). My sister and friend.

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