Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – A Bird’s Eye View

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to take a photo from a different perspective – from above. I must say, I spent a lot of time today looking around some amazing places in Second Life, trying to find a shot from above that I thought would be something special. Alas, I was still trying to find the perfect location when it was time to go to work at Breaking The Rules. I hosted my shift, then was hanging out for a while, thinking I needed to go find something for this challenge.

For some reason, I cammed up, and when I looked down, there was the BTR logo in the middle of the dance floor. It was around 2:30am PST (that’s Second Life time), and there were still several people in the club. I snapped off a few shots, threw in a couple of effects, et voila! A bird’s eye view of Breaking The Rules 🙂

1 Overhead BTRJ1

Be sure to check out the other entries in the comments section at this link to see their interpretations.

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