Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – What Others Imagine

1 Alirium Fleeting

I always anticipate the Weekly Photo Challenge. Often with trepidation, but always with the intent to complete it. I check the other entries each week – maybe not all of them, but on my Saturday, I go through all that have been posted. This is usually between 50-100 blogs. And during the months I have been participating, I have never seen another post from Second Life. Maybe they’re out there, but I just haven’t stumbled across them. I get a lot of views from other bloggers taking part in this challenge. I wonder what they think, seeing our virtual world instead of the corporeal one. Perhaps they fleetingly wonder what the heck this is all about, or perhaps, for a moment, they are tempted to join themselves. Whatever their reaction, I hope they take a moment to read my ramblings and understand my appreciation for their work – and for stopping by to see mine 🙂

The challenge this week is “Fleeting”. The instructions are:

Some ideas to get you started:

– Observing nature and capturing a quiet, special moment.
– Experimenting with shots of movement.
– Taking a snapshot of someone deep in thought (or alternatively, in mid-action).
– Exploring a place that’s transient in nature (airports, stations, streets, etc.).

For my interpretation of “Fleeting”, I went back to my photos of Alirium. This sim, with its display of the seasons, exemplifies the word “fleeting” to me. As does Second Life. I’ve mentioned before the ever-changing landscape of SL that is our virtual world. Although Second Life is celebrating its 10th birthday this month, it has changed so drastically in that time that I’m sure that an early pilgrim who left after a fleeting visit in 2003 wouldn’t recognise it if they came back to see it today. I’ve been a resident for not quite five years, and I am amazed at the changes and advances I’ve seen.

So for one fleeting moment, suspend disbelief and just immerse yourself in a world where there are no limitations beyond what you can imagine. Or better still, what others can.

Please stop by The Weekly Photo Challenge post to see what other other bloggers have presented.

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

SL10B Snapshot

Second Life is preparing to celebrate its tenth birthday this month with an event called SL10B. To be honest, I didn’t realise it had been running that long. I think the oldest person I know was rezzed in 2005. I have been around for almost half that time, and I feel like I’m ancient! I can only imagine what those who have been in SL since the beginning think of all of the changes There are a lot of festivities planned, including hundreds of events, displays, activities and even free commemorative gifts! The SL10B Bear has been cropping up in blogs and on Flickr for the past few days, so he’s already a hit before the party officially begins on June 16. To keep up with what’s going on, make sure to check the official SL10B blog.

For the first time, I am participating in the festivities. I will have at least one Single Frame Story entry on display, the Avatar Blogger Month is part of the celebration, and today, I received my Press Pass for early entry to SL10B, where they are encouraging all residents – whether as a blogger or a reveler – to take photos and share their experience. Additionally, the photo in this post is my entry in the Snapshot contest for SL10B. Entries close on June 6, so if you want to enter, you’d better hurry! There will be another contest during the celebration, with the prize being four months tier paid on a homestead sim! I certainly plan to enter that one!

For this contest, you have a choice between an unedited photo and a post-processed photo. For a change, I chose to go the unedited route. I’m sure most residents will recognise “The Girl Next Door” in my photograph. It’s true…we’ve come a long way, baby!

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Baiastice_Summer mini dress-aqua/blue (TDR Fusion)
Shoes: N-core DIVA “Navy”
Jewelry: EarthStones Butterfly Necklace & Earrings- Whisper
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” (Type A)(Garnet)
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 06 DK (The Arcade)
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Glacial River, w3)

What my friend is wearing:
“The Girl Next Door” Avatar – Library

Pose: -SS- Walk with me Wedding Pose (Marketplace)
Balloons from *{what next}Balloon Love Pose Set