Halloween Meme: Dance Macabre

1 Halloween with my wifey MG

I had actually planned on using these photos for my post on Halloween, but of course, Miss Berry had to do a Halloween Meme on Monday! Something tells me she could never wait until her birthday to open her presents, either 😉

Halloween falls on Thursday this year, so I will be DJing at The River from 12-3am, kicking off the festivities for the club. My host and I had already decided to do a costume party event (there will be Lindens to be won!), so of course, when I picked out my costume I told my wifey, Cynner, that she had to come as my zombie groom. Since she couldn’t find a suitable outfit, she made one! My wifey is a very talented woman and runs her own clothing store, Impulse. Sadly, this is a one-of-a-kind outfit and isn’t for sale, but she does some really awesome biker stuff and she’s even recently added some pink to her line (yes, she can thank her wifey for that 😀 )

Before I get to the meme, let me tell you how Cyn became my wifey. I’ve told the story before, but I’m too lazy to dig up the link to the post lol

Cyn and I used to hang out at the same club. She is a bit of a naughty girl, you see, and at the time I stupidly wore a titler. One night while I was AFK, Cyn, whose boyfriend wasn’t in world and left her unsupervised, changed my titler to, “Cyn’s Wifey”. That was about three years ago, and it’s just stuck. And I’m glad – she’s one hell of a woman and I’m lucky to call her my friend – and my Wifey 🙂

1 Halloween with my wifey CR

Now, on to the meme!

Meme Instructions: Share a picture of your Halloween Costume in Second Life and/or answer the following questions about Halloween. Don’t forget to share a link to your post in the comments (of this post) and if you share a picture, feel free to add it to the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

1. Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes, I did. I grew up on a farm so that meant Mom packing my sister and me into the car and driving from farm to farm to trick or treat. No mean feat in a Halloween costume!

2. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? One year, my best friend and I stayed at her house with her baby while her husband took their two older children trick or treating. I dressed up in a Santa costume with a knife sticking in my heart and blood running down the front. I don’t know what was more memorable – the pillow that kept slipping out from under the jacket causing my pants to fall down or the look on the poor kid’s face who was devastated that Santa had been stabbed.

I probably should have considered the audience when I picked out that costume o.O

3. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? I remember going to a midnight showing of some slasher movie when I was in high school, but I spent the entire time with my eyes closed and my head buried in my lap, so I don’t remember the name (thankfully!) I guess the scariest movie that I remember the title of would be Wolf Creek – probably because it is set in Australia and marketed as being based on a true story (although I don’t know if it really was).

4.Do you ever get nightmares after watching a scary movie? I rarely remember my dreams, so I’m going to have to say no.

5. Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours. No, I’m not really. I guess the closest I would come to being superstitious is being a bit leery when something bad happens, wondering if it will be the first of three.

6. What will you be doing for Halloween this year, if anything, in SL and RL? As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be DJing at The River from 12-3am SLT, which is 6-9pm on Halloween night for me. Chances are I won’t be heading out trick or treating after that! Halloween isn’t a big deal here in Australia and I live in a security building, but I’ll make sure I have a bag of candy handy in case any of the neighbourhood kids do venture to my door. Anyway, that’s the excuse I’m using for ordering a bag of Reese’s Miniature cups from USA Foods a couple of weeks ago 😉

And just because I know you’re dying for a closeup of my wifey and me in all our glamourous finery:

Pretty stuff I’m wearing:

Complete avatar, including dress, skin, shape, eyes and knife (it includes hair, but I wore my own): [*RG*] Zombie Bride *REDGRAVE*
Hair: Analog Dog – AD – tantrum punch by Queue Marlowe

1st picture: {.:exposeur:.} Cute As Can Be by RubyStarlight Writer
2nd picture: Adorkable Poses: Shall We Dance by Adorkable Peapod (NLA)

Cyn’s pose is from her zombie AO and I didn’t grab the credits for my zombie bride photo 😦

Why Buy The Cao…

1 Being Cao_006

I have a friend who is a Cao. She is a beautiful, smart, funny (retired) model who makes me laugh and cry when I read her blog. From her antics with Spanx to the tales of her Jack Russell Terrorist and her Date Night escapades to her touching, insightful posts about life, love and death, her blog is one I never miss.

As I mentioned, she is a retired model, so her unique shape is sacrosanct. She created it to achieve a look that set her apart in the Second Life fashion world. Couture is not my forte, so while I am unschooled in Second Life modeling practices, I have no doubt it is similar to the stories we hear about RL fashionistas: fiercely competitive with some models doing anything to get ahead. From what I have read in Cao’s blog, there are many models who are friends and friendly with one another – even helpful – but there also those who, sadly, try to sabotage others.

During Hair Fair, Cao – who has been personally touched by the loss to cancer of someone she loved – offered up her shape to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to Wigs For Kids. During the auction, someone in the modeling community threatened to steal and sell her shape. This upset her on more than one level – yes, her shape certainly assisted her in her modeling career and to see it hawked on Marketplace for sale to anyone with a few Lindens was distressing, but more so it was the fact that this person would potentially take away bidders for her shape and real dollars for this wonderful charity. So she changed the rules – anyone who bid at least 1000L (her original opening bid) would receive a copy of her shape AND she would contribute an additional 10,000L of her own to this cause. And she ended up contributing 56,502L to Wigs For Kids through this unselfish exercise.

Can you see why I love this little Cao? And why I “bought the Cao”?

Click to read how you can buy the Cao yourself

When A Pixie Meets A Chipmunk

Yes, today I’ve got something just a little different! On Saturday, my good friend, Hope Seranade, followed me DJing at Breaking The Rules. From the moment she started speaking, we knew something was very, very wrong, yet very, very hysterical 😀 Somehow, some pixies – or chipmunks – had found their way into her SAM, and she sounded like…well, click play on the video to hear it yourself! By her third voice-over, I was in tears of laughter, but somehow managed to remember to grab my phone and record this momentous occasion. If you listen closely, you can hear me giggling at the end of the recording. Thankfully, I managed to press stop before I snorted! You can view on youtube here.

When I told Hope I had recorded it, she was appalled, but it seems that word of my treachery spread, and I was asked to share it on Facebook. So, this morning, I set out to create a video. After almost three hours of trial and error, I managed to capture the slides AND the audio, convert it to an .avi file and upload it. It was a LOT of work, but just listening to it – and knowing that anyone who stumbles across it can view it – made it all worth it.

Here’s to you, Hope…my homage to you in all of your pixified-glory. Alvin ain’t got nuthin on you 😉

Update: There seems to be a formatting problem if you view this on the home page of my blog, and I can’t figure out how to fix it 😦 Please click into the blog post to be able to view the entire post until I manage to format it correctly. Sorry! Fixed!