Easter Wishes

It’s been a busy weekend for me, and I’m sure everyone else. Happy Easter!

My sister, Maddie, wanted to do Easter photos. She’s as big a photo fan as I am! Friday night when I finished working I IM’d her to find her cleaning out her inventory. So what did we do to celebrate? We went shopping! 😀 We headed to Ho Wear to check out the Easter outfits, and grabbed matching plaid bunny costumes. We did a bit more shopping after that, just to replenish her wardrobe ;), but that’s not the point of this post. This is about our Easter photo shoot.

Of course, we had to have a photo with peeps!

1 Bunnehs 1

Maddie had this cute Easter prop. The funny thing was there are poses for three avatars with this prop, but you can’t choose which one you want. They are assigned by the order in which you sit on it. We hated the first one, so I had to drag in my alt to sit on the first pose so Maddie and I could use the ones we wanted. Then we had to use her again to switch positions. Ah, the ingenuity! And the value of having an alt handy 😉

1 Bunnehs 3

1 Hoppy Easter

Here’s hoping you all had a hopping good Easter with loads of goodies in your baskets and lots of fun with your families and loved ones 🙂