Washing Away The Tears

1 Letting The Sunshine Back In

I lost someone I love yesterday. If you follow my blog or scan down the page, you will see my post about tears. I’m still grieving, and I will be for a long time to come, but I need to move past my tears and try to accept that she is gone.

So, this morning, I took down my curtains and washed the windows in my apartment. Well, at least the inside of the windows; one of the perils of being an apartment-dweller is the inability to reach the outside. Regardless, the simple act of mixing the vinegar and water, washing and polishing helped me to bring back the sunshine. Both emotionally and in reality. As a metaphor, it describes what I am trying to do to recover from my loss.

The photo above is one I took a few weeks ago, but never shared publicly. The original intent was very different from what this version represents. I played with an overlay that was similar to the background to bring a bit more sunlight into the image. I’m looking back – at the memories and laughter she brought to my life. And there are still shadows. But the sunshine is spilling softly around me, brightening my life, lifting my mood.

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