That Fiery Redhead

Bright. Quietly outspoken. Loving and protective. Those are words to describe my Second Life sister, Kali. She doesn’t say a lot, so when she speaks, I – and others – listen.

Kali asked me to do profile pictures for her, and I have to admit, I was nervous about doing them. Kali works in graphics, so I was worried about living up to her standards and discerning eye.

In the end, I decided to focus on two things while I was doing her photos. First, choosing poses and lighting that reflected who Kali is to me. To show off her beauty and her style.

1 Kali_002 profile

But I also wanted to play with effects that helped me capture her style and personality. Her sensuality, mystery and that fiery redheaded nature she has. And they call her “Legs” for a reason 😉

1 Kali_024 profile A

1 Kali_138bw profile

1 Kali_057 profile

She’s a redhead. With a heart of gold.

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