And Yet Another Sister

Yep. I’ve got bunches of sisters. And you’ll probably end up meeting most of them. I’ve actually lost count of how many I have in Second Life – I’ll have to ask Mom 😉

This is Aquarius. Aqua, we call her. We also call her our ‘girly’ sister. She’s feminine, funny and fiery (even though she’s a blonde and not a redhead like Kali). She loves to laugh and joke around, but if you make her mad, watch out. She’ll bust a caplock on you faster than you can say “Uh oh!” And she loves clothes. We have that in common (it’s the genes, I tell you!)

1 aqua_120

When I think of Aqua, I think of all things soft and delicate. Pink always comes to mind. So when I started thinking about what to do for her photo shoot, I knew this was the prop I had to use. And she’s pretty as a picture, so it was perfect.

1 Aqua_003A

And she’s a dreamer, but with her feet firmly planted on the ground. She’s realistic enough to know everything can’t be as we wish, but it doesn’t stop her from imagining everything turning out with a story-book ending.

1 Aqua_042 Dreamer A

This is my sister, Aqua. She’s a loving, joyful member of the family. And my world wouldn’t be the same without her.

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